Monday, 15 December 2014

Ukulele Grades

Ray and Al are offering a wonderful opportunity to study ukulele grades at Dillington House from 17th to 19th April 2015.
If you can't wait that long or would like to explore some ukulele tips and tricks beforehand, various ukulele workshops as well as one-to-one tuition will be available over the next few weeks in Warminster.

Ukulele Christmas

If you would like some friendly seasonal ukulele playing three morning workshops are on offer. Saturday 20th December from 10-11.30am and also 2 workshops on Christmas Eve (10-11am for children and 11.30am-1pm for adults.

Later Beatles songs

Ray & Al's course for improving guitarists starting January 8th will focus upon later Beatles songs. Course material will include a book of lyrics & chords, backing track CDs and clef & TAB sheets for the "juicy" bits!

Workshops in Warminster

January 2015 sees several workshops and courses on offer. These include:
Guitar Beginners & Refreshers - a 6-week course from January 9th;
Improving Guitarists - a 6-week course from January 8th;
Ukulele Morning Workshops on Saturday 3rd January & Saturday 10th January.

Ukulele friendly Christmas

For those looking for ukulele friendly Christmas carol and song arrangements the AlnRay website has just the thing. Dozens of well known Christmas tunes in treble clef, TAB notation and ukulele friendly chords, all at a bargain price.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

lots of workshops, courses and classes

There is plenty going on in Warminster and at Dillington House in the way of music workshops both before and after New Year.
On 8th January, Ray & Al's next acoustic guitar evening class begins: six weeks of Beatles songs from their later years, with friendly music charts and the usual blend of approachable and informed team teaching, good humour, coffee, tea and biscuits.
There is also an opportunity for those new to guitar to familiarise themselves with this wonderful instrument in a pleasant atmosphere with like-minded people. This is also ideal for lapsed players - someone who has not played for many years who would like to start again and refresh old skills as well as learn new techniques.
For budding ukulele-ists…is that a word!?…there is a series of workshop sessions in December and January.
Dillington House hosts Al & Ray's renowned courses, starting with an intermediate guitar day on 10th January, then another in their celebrated series of acoustic guitar weekends on 23rd January. There is also a ukulele course and another of their most popular 'No Boundaries' band residential courses later in the year.
For more information on these and other events, see the courses page on at

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Registry of Guitar Tutors Conference Seminars

Ray & Al were at London College of Music today delivering seminars for the Registry of Guitar Tutors annual conference.
They were delighted by the energetic and enthusiastic turnout for each of their seminars (on sight reading for advanced players and on aspects of teaching challenging students), as well as encouraged by the very positive attitude of tutors, especially among those fairly new to teaching.
During the event the new ukulele exam syllabus was launched - exciting times for the little four-string instrument and its players and teachers!