Friday, 8 July 2011

Dillington Details

Dillington House have now finalised four courses for us, Here are some details; ring or email us for further details, questions etc. If you want details of the accommodation, fees, or if you want to book, please contact them direct;

Dillington House, Ilminster, Somerset TA19 9DT. Tel: 01460 258 648

DILLINGTON HOUSE WEEKENDS - following a highly successful 2010 weekend course Al & Ray ran another residential Acoustic Guitar weekend at DILLINGTONat the end of April 2011.
Further courses for 2011 & 2012 are:

October 28th - 30th 2011: SLIDE GUITAR WEEKEND.

January 20th - 22nd 2012: ACOUSTIC BAND ("No Boundaries: lots of rootsy music") WEEKEND.

March 2nd - 4th 2012: ACOUSTIC GUITAR IMPROVERS' WEEKEND - a further in this very successful series.

May 18th - 20th 2012: CREATIVE MUSIC WEEKEND - a chance to learn how to improvise and/or compose.
Please email or telephone for more details.

DILLINGTON HOUSE OPEN DAY- Sunday 4th September 2011. Come along and meet Al & Ray.