Thursday, 1 May 2014

Theory week

Al has just completed his 3rd "pick my brains" theory week since they begun last August, culminating as usual in a composition workshop based upon Schoenberg's wonderfully effective Models method. 
This improves ear training, reading and also understanding of music. As ever, all the results were played and sounded really good and full of character.
Next similar event will be in August 2014.
Al & Ray's next evening class course will begin in September 2014.

Recent videos

The 1st part of Al & Ray's tips & tricks tutorials are not up on the site. These cover common techniques found in well-known songs and riffs in no-nonsense way. The first batch includes chromatic bass runs, zero fretting, the minor/major 7 chord etc.
Look out for more tips & tricks videos soon as well as new music downloads to accompany the series.

Schoenberg day couse

Al's Understanding Schoenberg Day at Dillington House attracted a wonderful bunch of participants, whose lively contributions added to the exploration of a fascinating man, great teacher and composer of wonderful music.
There were some surprises perhaps on this "path of wonder" including some of his all too seldom heard late tonal pieces, and insights into other aspects of his character.